Update #9 (7-10-22): We've now donated $4,000 USD to Spirit of America (funding Ukraine's defense directly). Please see all the updates here:

Items include: body armor, MREs, communications equipment and other items directly to Ukraine. Follow them on Twitter @SpiritAmerica.

* * *

The badge below commemorates the many images of Ukrainian farmers hauling away broken and abandoned Russian armaments. It reads:

"Go Home - Special Tractor Brigade"

This design comes from a Ukrainian artist who gave permission for this fundraiser. I hope to add more items if this catches on. Every little act of support helps. Please contact with any questions.

Slava Ukraini.

How it works

These items cost 50 cents to $1 USD to make. Then, shipping, tax, and Shopify's cut is about $1 on average. It varies by item type, order size, and international shipping versus domestic.

But overall, overhead is not high. At least $5 USD is donated for each patch, $1-2 for each Tractor Brigade sticker, and $3-4 for each of the larger stickers.

Please consider other donations, especially Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian charity that also directly supports the Ukrainian military. The humanitarian need is also enormous and we recommend donating to World Central Kitchen and many other orgs listed in this helpful Reddit post.

* * *

My name is Curt Eilers. I'm a civil servant from Cincinnati, Ohio, now living in Arlington, Virginia. I saw this artwork from @unicornandwine, commemorating the images of Ukrainian Farmers hauling away Russian tanks. I thought it would inspire more people to donate, march, volunteer, and just spread awareness (and make more memes). He was kind enough to allow me to use this design. I placed an initial order of 1,000 patches! If this works out I will add more items.